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New leap of e-Learning & Eudtech
‘We invite you to ‘e-Learning Korea 2018

The fourth industrial revolution is underway with intelligence information
technology combined with artificial intelligence and ICT all over the world.
e-Learning uses AR, VR, AI, cloud computing, and learning anlysis
technology. Able to maximize the creation and effectiveness of new
knowledge information. It is expected to transform into a customized
training that is optimized for individuals.

In e-Learning, through the new leap forward by Edutech, we need to foster
creative talent and eliminate educational gaps that will lead to the future.
The government and private sector are working together to create export
routes and revitalize the business.

Also, through international exchanges and cooperation, the success story of
education information. We share experiences with other countries and strive
to globalize e-Learning education and industry.

The Ministry of Education, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Information and
Technology, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education said, The theme is “2018.

The event will be held from September 13th ~ 15th at COEX in Seoul. Along
with the international conference. A variety of events will be held, including
customer innovation, competition, and e-Learning Korea Awards.

International exchange of e-Learning and Edutech’s Industry, Academic,
Annual, and Conduit.
We look forward to your interest and participation in this event that will be
the place of business.